Saturday, September 10, 2005

human rights

While going through my interests, there were others I would have preferred to elaborate on, but thems the rules.

anti-globalization For me, this means I am against monoculture. I'm against McDonalds in every city around the world, especially third world countries. I'm against companies spreading their monopoly to countries that used to thrive better without their presence. I'm against our high priced products being made in third world countries for wages we wouldn't accept ourselves. I'm against unfair trade decided by rich men, who work for rich companies, in rich countries. My headache says to move on to the next interest now.

bollywood I LOVE movies made in India. And the campier they are, the better! And every single movie made in India always has a dance scene, even if the movie is tragic.

Claes Oldenburg Claes was huge in the pop art movement, and he manages to keep a warm spot in my heart. I was first introduced to Claes in the Temp Contemp, temporary gallery space for L.A.'s MOCA. He had his gigantic ass Swiss Army Knife there. It was like a huge boat, which I believe did float down some river in Italy, or somewhere. Some of his work that I really have liked is his soft pieces. Like a hamburger lunch with fries, all made up of stuffed saggy painted canvas. He has done some wacky stuff, and I like that.

feminism I just feel that everyone deserves the same rights and freedoms of everyone else. Plain and simple.

globes I love to travel, and therefore I love maps, and therefore globes. I love to look at all the possible places to travel to.

India This is one of the places I would love to travel to. I have a love for ALL things Indian--well, except maybe their class system, and the poop they have to put up with from companies like Monsanto. I think India rocks, and I think the people rock, and that they are beautiful.

kitch I love kitchy things. I love silly things, wack things, bright colors, absurdity. I love items that companies used to make as give-aways, with their mascots on them. Like a cup with Tony the Tiger on it, or something like that. And if it's practical, even better.

Mil Mascaras I love campy Mexican wrestling movies. This was actually something that David and I bonded over when we were first getting to know each other. Mil Mascaras was one of the famous wrestlers from the 70s. His name means a million masks. He was known for always changing his mask, like a fashion statement. He was often hanging out with El Santo, and they saved the world. Super heros for Mexico!

organic gardening My thumb is closer to black than green, but I'm really fascinated with gardening and I want to learn it. I want to grow my own vegetables and herbs to eat.

pubs Better than a bar, pubs serve food! Oh yeah, and beer!

silliness I am all about silliness, well, when I'm not being serious. Sometimes you can have both, and that's really special. Life is too short to always be serious. If you have the ability to be silly, you will most likely be my friend.

the color orange What's not to love about the color orange? It's perfect.

truth Without truth, things suck.

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